A Seamless Reading Experience.

Provide a seamless reading experience across mobile and desktop devices. Serve your content securely. Gain insights about your reader’s preferences. Embed it into your solution. Develop your business model continuously.

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The new approach to deliver your books,
magazines or scientific essays.

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Seamless User Experience

Read books, magazines or essays on your device of choice and switch between multiple devices seamlessly. Use sgrol.io's e-reader to search for appropriate text snippets at home or at work with your desktop or gain first insights about a certain topic on the go using your tablet. Feel the seamless experience starting today!

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Secure Delivery

Secure content delivery without poor user experiences. The encrypted content is streamed to your client’s web browser or mobile device. In offline mode it's stored in an encrypted repository on your mobile device. Avoid anxious feelings while shipping your content to Internet readers!

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Reader Analytics

Understand how content is being consumed. Analyze and use information sgrol.io provides about your readers and consumers. For example, is the reader consuming content as a whole or does he stop reading every few pages? Find out using sgrol.io’s Reader Analytics!

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New Business Models

You can embed content delivery components directly into your product or website and customize our components to fit your specific needs. sgrol.io breaks up the traditional static 'document-as-a-whole' delivery approach. You can deliver page-wise or chapter-wise, embed customized ads and much more.

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Key features

  • Reader Analytics

    How is your content being consumed? Find out with our easy-to-use Reader Analytics.
  • Secure Content

    Content delivered will be encrypted and makes shipping so much easier.
  • Seamless & Prompt

    Our reader will be ready to use and can be customized to your needs.
  • Great User Experience

    Make your customers happy by giving them what they deserve: Pleasant and easy reading.

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